Response Equipment


Hazmat Garage PhotoThis building houses many of the county’s hazmat response assets. It is located behind our office on Shady Lane Drive. Norwalk Fire has agreed to deliver many of these assets to Huron County’s fire departments. This building was funded by the EMA Board and the Huron County Firefighters Association.


Photo of HazmatThis trailer contains personal protective equipment, various chemical absorbents, containment booms, pads and pillows. These assets enable your local fire departments to safely and effectively contain chemical releases in order to protect lives and property. This trailer has a twin located at the Willard Fire & Rescue department. They and Norwalk will deliver and staff these trailers to assist other fire departments within Huron County. Both of these trailers were funded solely through the EMA board.



Search & Rescue ATV

Photo of Huron County Search and Rescue ATVThis asset can be used by any first response agency as its primary function is Search and Rescue. However it has been used in many different incident types. The trailer it is towed on can also be towed by the ATV in order to move equipment to and from the incident scene should it be off-road. You may see this ATV at the county fair or the Norwalk Triathlon. It is good to utilize the ATV in non-emergency situations to insure it is still in working order.



Decon Trailer

Photo of Huron County decontamination(Decon) trailerThis trailer contains equipment needed to decontaminate residents and responders should a large scale chemical release occur. This is the only trailer of its type in the county. It is housed in the Fire and Hazmat Building and will be delivered by Norwalk Fire to the incident scene. Many volunteer firefighters have also received training in its operation. The EMA Board funded and maintains this response asset for the county.



Flood Kits

Huron County Flood Kits - Red Cross TrailerThe Firelands Chapter of the American Red Cross stores this trailer full of flood kits on behalf of both Huron and Erie Counties. Should you have need for a flood kit please contact our office. They are here for your use and are free.



The Smoke House

This Smoke House is a fire safety education tool used by every fire department within Huron County. They educate every first and fourth grader every year at every school. Since its purchase over 30,000 children have received fire safety training from their local Huron County fire departments since 1996. The Huron County Firefighters Association, as well as many local businesses and residents graciously donated funds in order to purchase this training asset.


The Smoke House has also recently undergone a renovation that includes a new roof, carpet, vents, tires, battery, and smoke machine to ensure it will remain a valuable asset well into the future.


Huron County Smokehouse PhotoHuron County Smokehouse Photo




Assemble supplies you might need to have in your safe-room or for an evacuation. Store them in an easy to carry container such as a backpack or duffle bag.


  • Bottled Water (at least one gallon per day per person for 3 days drinking and sanitation)
  • Non perishable packaged or canned food and non electric can opener
  • Battery powered radio and NOAA weather radio and extra batteries
  • Flashlight and small tools (pliers, wrench, screwdriver)